Homomorphic Encryption for Arithmetic of Approximate Numbers



    CryptoLab's homomorphic encryption library HEaaN.lib is a differentiated product  in terms of speed, storage space, and accuracy. 


    It supports fully homomorphic encryption functions without restrictions on the number of operations.



- Time: CPU and GPU versions are supported depending on the computing environment. The CPU version is the fastest compared to the competitor's technology, and the GPU version is 40 times faster than this.


- Space: It provides an optimized ciphertext size for service characteristics.


- Accuracy: Various nonlinear functions required for statistical analysis/Machine Learning/Deep Learning are provided with the highest accuracy.


- Fully homomorphic encryption: Complex arithmetic processing is possible with an unlimited number of operations using CKKS. Known open source libraries- Microsoft SEAL, Duality Technologies PALISADE, and IBM HElib - do not support them (`21.11).








HEaaN as a Service

In collaboration with Naver Cloud Platform, CryptoLab launched HEaaN Homomorphic Analytics, which makes it easy to use homomorphic encryption in the cloud. 


We plan to launch similar services in other clouds including AWS in the future.






CryptoLab's AI analysis homomorphic encryption engine HEaaN.AI is a differentiated product in terms of support for various statistical analysis/ML/DL methods and usability.


- Analysis method: It supports various ML and AI analysis methods including Logistic Regression learning/inference, which are most used in the field as well as most practical statistical analysis methods.


- Usability: By providing Python and Rest API interface, it can be easily applied to existing development environments for developers, including Jupyter Notebook, to make it easier for developers to use.  







HEaaN.AI based service

Covid-19 Safety App


CryptoLab launched the world's first app that uses homomorphic encryption, Cordong-i.


Users can safely check whether the travel paths overlap with the Covid-19 positive cases without any exposure of sensitive information.



Homogeneous Voting Service


CryptoLab has partnered with Konai to launch a homomorphic encryption-based voting/survey product. 

Users' votes/surveys are counted while protected by HE, so their privacy is protected. 


It also provides a time series analysis function using the HE operation function. 




PQC Toolkit

CryptoLab supports PQC key exchange and digital signature algorithms. 


We have developed our own key exchange algorithm RLizard and digital signature algorithm SIGNUM.
We plan to expand the standard to support worldwide. 







Intellectual Property

CryptoLab holds a variety of domestic and foreign patents in the HE and PQC field.

It includes the original patent for CKKS - the 4th-generation HE supporting real number operations. 


(30 patents registered, More than 100 patent applications)

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