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Privacy Preserving Inference (Covid-19 Safety App)

You can use desired service without exposing personal information. 


As a leader in this field, CryptoLab applied homomorphic encryption to identify the overlapping travel paths with Covid-19 positive cases. All operations can be processed within 3 seconds. 


Try using this app for your safety.


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Privacy Preserving Training

It is possible to train ML models without exposing the personal information. 

We have shown that ML model training is possible in an encrypted state. 


It has been shown that the logistic regression learning for more than 200 features is possible using the KCB financial data of more than 400,000 people. 


At the time of 2019, it took about 17 hours, but as aresult of the HEaaN high-speed technology, it can be processed within 20minutes now (`21.11). [Related paper]


HEaaN as a Service (HEaaN Homomorphic Analytics)

It is also possible to easily utilize the homomorphic encryption technology in the cloud. 


The HEaaN Homomorphic Analytics product was launched as a joint development between Naver Cloud Platform, a Korea's leading cloud company, and CryptoLab, which has the original technology of the HE.


- It fundamentally blocks data leakage with homomorphic encryption.

- Insights can be derived through statistical analysis and machine learning.

- Applicable to industries with strict data protection regulations.

- Easy to use even if you do not know about homomorphic encryption.

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Privacy Preserving Voting/Survey

Speak your mind!


Fair voting can be achieved by using homomorphic encryption. 


CryptoLab developed a voting/survey service with KONAI that guarantees the anonymity and confidentiality of voting by applying HE. 

Opinions are encrypted and no one can see them, but they can be compiled with HE technology. 








Quantum-Ready Communication

Using CryptoLab's PQC Toolkit, secure communication is possible even with quantum computers. 

CryptoLab applied the PQC toolkit together with LGU+ to pilot data transmission service with quantum security for the first time in Korea. [Related article]




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